Is Your Business Smartphone ready?

In 2018, there are thousands of small businesses opening every day. The business owners are either launching or have already launched their website to showcase their business services and products. One of the most important fact to consider for the business owners is that 85% of people are going to access their websites via Smartphones and also, if it is taking more than 3-4 seconds for the webpage to load, people will most likely quit browsing their website as they don’t have the patience to wait that long.
Business Owners needs to make sure that their website developer uses accelerated mobile pages making sure it is mobile friendly. Somesimple tests can be done in few seconds including:

  • Enter the website linkin a smartphone browser to make sure all the content not only fits into the width of the screen without having to scroll the webpages left-right, but font size must be readable without Zooming into the screen.
  • Website must open the webpage within approx. 3 to 4 seconds after entering the URL in the browser.

When enlisting in a developer, business owners need to make sure that his/her website is mobile friendly but do not want to break the bank trying to find the right agency or person for website design. It is crucial for the developer of that site to make sure that the website uses SEO friendly programming techniques, otherwise it may not be found on Google. Some key things to remember when having your site developed so it appears on the Smartphone are:

  • If there is a banner in your site do not use Flash as it will not appear on the phone just a blank page.
  • The content of the website needs to fit the window and needs to be corrected or it is just a waste of time.
  • The site needs to developed for the phone size in that if there is a button the user needs to tap on it fits the window but not too close-up to the screen.
  • If the user is trying to load the website on the phone and a pop-up blocker is showing up, Google will penalize the website and lower down its ranking because of the pop-up blocking the content of the site.

Business owners want to make sure to find a developer has a full understanding of how to make the website rank at Google search using most current SEO techniques and make it Smartphone friendly.
There are so many marketing agencies out there and as said above small business owners don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get a website especially in these economic times. ThinkTech is a Calgary locally-based software firm that does everything from e-commerce, website design, SEO and social media advertisingaccording to the client’s needsat an affordable budget for a small business. Check out the website at to see some of the clients who engaged in our services and their websites to see what we can help you with.

About the Author – Tania Boudreault, Tania is the Business Development Manager with ThinkTech Software in Calgary. She has been helping business owners in making right decisions suitable to their needs;bridging the gap between the businessowners and their potential customers.

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