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Energizing Growth: An Energy Company’s CDAP-Backed Digital Transformation






Our client is a dynamic player in the energy sector, embarked on a transformative journey to supercharge their digital presence and operations. With the invaluable support of the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP), we assisted the client in harnessing the power of digital solutions and recommendations.


Our client’s website was in need of revitalization. They were experiencing limited online visibility and customer engagement. Without proper systems in place, they had inadequate data analytics capabilities.

In addition, their POS included outdated payment processing methods which was hindering scalability. They also had untapped potential in customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing.


Website Enhancement:
Our experts conducted a thorough analysis, including GA4, performance, UI/UX, and SEO assessments, providing a roadmap for website enhancement.
Webform Integration:
Recommendations were made for seamless integration of webforms to enhance customer interaction and data collection.
Digital Presence Analysis:
We scrutinized the client's online presence, covering GMB page analysis, social media evaluation, and ad campaign performance analysis.
Competitive Analysis:
To stay ahead, we performed competitive assessments, analyzing social media, SEO strategies, and GMB profiles of key competitors.
Operations Optimization:
The client's payment processing systems were reviewed, and we recommended modern solutions to support scalability.
CRM and Email Marketing:
Recognizing the untapped potential, we advised the implementation of CRM tools and an email marketing strategy to enhance customer engagement and retention.



This case study showcases how the client partnered with us to revitalize their digital landscape. With the backing of CDAP, our recommendations aimed to fuel digital growth, improve customer engagement, and streamline operations.

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