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Transforming Landscaping Services -A Journey to Succes


Think Tech




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Our client, a leading provider of landscaping services, sought to enhance its operations and establish a stronger online presence. They faced challenges in unifying their brand identity across subsidiaries, optimizing their website, implementing effective digital marketing, and selecting the right ERP and HRIS solutions.


The company had a lack of a unified brand identity across its subsidiaries and had a need for an improved user experience and design on their website. They were often faced with difficulty when it came to capturing online leads through paid search ads. 

The company wanted to improve its online visibility as well. Another challenge they faced, was choosing the right ERP solution and selecting the ideal HR platform. Part of that challenge included data governance and cleanup for seamless ERP implementation.


Brand Guideline Development:
We created a comprehensive brand guideline to ensure a consistent and professional identity across all subsidiaries.
Website UI/UX Optimization:
Our team revamped their website, focusing on improved user experience, navigation, and modern design.
Paid Search Ads
We executed a Google Ads campaign to capture valuable leads and enhance online visibility.
SEO Analysis and Recommendations
In-depth SEO analysis identified optimization opportunities and provided actionable recommendations.
ERP Solution Selection & Preparation
After evaluating SAP, Netsuite, and Fulcrum, we guided the client in selecting the ERP solution that aligned with their needs.We also conducted a data governance and cleanup project, ensuring data readiness for a smooth ERP implementation.
HR Platform Selection:
Evaluation of Bamboo HR, Humi, and Workday led to the selection of the HRIS platform best suited for their requirements.



Our solutions, in alignment with the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP), empowered the client to overcome branding and operational challenges. This led to tangible results, including increased brand recognition, higher website engagement, substantial lead generation, improved SEO, and enhanced operational efficiency. Together, we continue toward new milestones.

“We are one of the experienced SEO & digital marketing companies in Calgary. We help attract quality leads, and uplift brand awareness. Because of our affordable Calgary SEO services and other techniques, we can help you increase sales revenue.”

- Avnissh Gupta, CEO, ThinkTech