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Transforming the Digital Wheels







Our client is a prominent bicycle wholesaler known for its wide range of high-quality products. With a strong offline presence, they recognized the need to expand their digital footprint to reach a broader audience and streamline their operations.


The client’s digital footprint was modest, limiting their market reach and growth potential.


Website Enhancement:
We revamped the website's UI/UX, integrating GA4 for advanced tracking. E-commerce functionality was introduced.
SEO Optimization:
In-depth SEO analysis led to a 25% boost in website traffic and a 20% increase in online sales.
Email Marketing:
MailChimp integration to customer engagement and conversion rates.
Digital Marketing:
Enhanced social media engagement and Google Ads campaigns to boost organic reach and online sales.
Competitive Analysis:
Search visibility improvement was achieved through competitive SEO strategies.
Operational Efficiency:
Streamlined e-commerce processes to reduce order fulfillment times. ERP evaluation improved internal processes and inventory management.
IT Upgrades:
Critical recommendations to reduce cybersecurity threats.



Our collaboration with this bicycle wholesaler has ushered in a remarkable digital transformation. Armed with an invigorated online presence and streamlined operations, the client is now primed for sustained digital success. As they embrace the opportunities presented by the CDAP, we stand committed to supporting their ongoing digital journey. To delve deeper into these insights or explore how our strategies can enhance your business, feel free to reach out.

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- Avnissh Gupta, CEO, ThinkTech