The purpose of the CRM implementation and data migration project is to transition data and processes from one system to another. It aims to centralize your marketing, sales, and other business processes from one or more source systems into a destination system. This will increase efficiency through automation, streamline business processes, enable and leverage data collection, and save you money.

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ThinkTech’s digital team works collaboratively with the client’s team to execute the data implementation and migration project. The migration process follows these steps:

Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: Data and Process Migration & Initial Set-Up
Step 3: CRM Advanced Configuration
Step 4: Solutioning and Adaptation


Project pricing depends on the following:
1) The Data and Process Migration & Initial Set-Up phase
2) Any additional services required under the CRM Advanced Configuration and Solutioning and Adaptation phases



The assessment phase consists of analyzing the viability and scope of the migration project, understanding your sales and marketing processes to assess its compatibility with CRM, and providing the price and timeline estimates for the project. This phase will help you understand the migration process and its implications for your business.

Data Process and Migration

The data and process migration and initial set-up phase consist of multiple steps to execute the migration project and ensure CRM is ready for your team to use. The steps are solutions to business processes, data mapping, data cleansing, sample imports, client access, actual migration, and initial set-up. This phase requires collaboration with your team to find optimal solutions and processes for your business.

CRM Advance Configuration

The CRM advanced configuration phase applies to CRM Pro packages and may include access to the custom reports feature. This phase helps your team configure the advanced CRM features that work for your internal business processes.

Solution and Adaptation

The solutioning and adaptation phase aims to help you and your team adapt to the CRM system and streamline processes. It offers CRM training to understand features included in your package and how to leverage them in your business. This is available upon request.