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According to eMarketer, global eCommerce is expected to grow upwards of $5 trillion by 2021. The eCommerce space is increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Consumers’ shopping habits are constantly changing, and the rise of eCommerce website development services and Website maintenance plays a part in this reality. eCommerce (or electronic commerce) refers to any business transaction conducted through the internet. This network allows people to conduct business regardless of distance and time, which fills the limitations of brick-and-mortar stores. This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell products and services online and consumers the ability to buy anytime from anywhere.

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How We Conduct our eCommerce Website Development Services

Compared to the US landscape, the Calgary and Edmonton eCommerce space is far from saturated. This means that there is much potential for businesses to adopt the practice. Staying ahead of the competition crucial to growth, and eCommerce may be the way to go! Our Custom eCommerce website development services company based in Calgary vary because not every project is the same. Factors such as target audience, geographical targeting, product mix, the number of offerings, taxation, legalities, etc., have to be considered in eCommerce development. It sounds overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here to help. We want to support you every step of the way to grow your business!

eCommerce Technologies We Work With

We primarily work with these four platforms:
ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development

A Guide Through Our Company eCommerce Website Development Process

An eCommerce site is a reflection of both your business and your customers. Here’s how we make sure that happens:


We get to know about you and your business. We understand all the internal and external factors that affect your business and use all relevant information for your custom eCommerce website maintenance.

Plan & Design

Our team will start planning and designing your eCommerce website. Don’t worry; we’ll be checking in with your updates, so you know how it’s coming along.

Build & Test

We’ll get to our computers and start building your eCommerce website. Leave us to work on all the coding and integrations. When it’s almost ready, we’ll test the website to ensure everything works, and there are no defects in your custom eCommerce website.

Make It Live

Once you approve of the work, we will launch your website live!

What You Can Expect From Our eCommerce Developers Based in Calgary & Edmonton



We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We build customized eCommerce websites, something that is just as unique as your business.

Built For Conversion

We build something beyond a beautiful website. We make it easy to use and navigate, all with the intent to convert visitors into customers.

Responsive Site

There are many devices out there, so we account for all, including mobile, iPads, and laptops. There is nothing more frustrating for your customers than not having access to your eCommerce site on their devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About eCommerce Development Services

This is true. However, nothing builds customer trust and loyalty more than having your customized eCommerce site. There are downsides to using other platforms, such as losing out on revenue for the commissions they subtract from every transaction. In the long run, by opting to sell on these platforms, the money that could’ve been in your pockets goes to someone else.
Adopting new technologies and tactics is never easy, and it can scare people away. Working with us, we combine experience, expertise, extensive market research, and data-driven solutions to build your custom eCommerce site. We understand the risk of trying something new, but we don’t do anything without data to back it up.
Not necessarily. Promotion and marketing still need to happen for your eCommerce site to gain traction. You need to inform your existing and potential customers that you’ve launched a new way of shopping, and you need to do it in a way that effortlessly leads them to your shiny, new eCommerce site. Lucky for you, our Ecommerce Website Development company offers services like social media advertising or content marketing to accomplish all of this.
This isn’t always the case. There are plenty of other metrics that businesses have found equally crucial for their business success. For example, knowing customer behaviour (when they’re most active online, cart abandonment behaviours, reaction to sales) proves helpful information in optimizing the eCommerce site and making strategic business decisions.