Facebook Advertising Agency in Calgary

Facebook is one of the largest and most used online platforms globally! With this in mind, it’s no surprise that advertisers use this large database to target their customers. However, this growing popularity of Facebook advertisement makes it more competitive and therefore, more difficult to capture your desired audience. As a Facebook advertising services agency in Calgary, we help clients like you compete in a saturated space, while maintaining your budget. Our Facebook ad specialists ensure the following:

Work with your team to create the best Facebook ads
Make recommendations for best practices
Consider competitors when making ads

A Guide Through Our Facebook Advertisement Service in Calgary

Maintaining a Facebook ad account takes work. Our Facebook ads specialists here in Calgary take the time to understand your business and brand before launching any ads. Here are the steps we take to launch your ads:

We will have an initial consultation with your team to understand your target audience, goals and objectives. If you don’t already have a Facebook business page or account set-up yet, we can do that for you.
Based on our experience, we draft Facebook ad copies that best reflect your goals and brand. Though we don’t stop there. If necessary, we create landing pages specific to your ads. We want to make sure that your messaging is consistent and your prospects find exactly what they’re looking for in the landing page once they click your Facebook ad.
Once you approve of the Facebook ads, we launch it and set up tracking. This is so we can understand customer interaction and behaviour with your ads.
We provide a monthly report that summarizes the activity of your ads. The data we gathered will be used to optimize future ads.

What You Can Expect from Our Facebook Ad Agency in Calgary?

Partnership: Our Facebook ad specialists will partner with you and your team to create the ads. We want to make sure that the messaging and content are on-brand.
Optimization: The best Facebook ads are ones that adjust to the changes of the market. We use data to understand what changes need to be made so that your money is well spent!
Budget-friendly: The largest budget doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest return. We will work with a budget you’re comfortable with, providing recommendations on how we can best allocate the resources.

Common Misconceptions About Facebook Advertising

“I can create the Facebook ads myself.”

This isn’t wrong. Anyone with a Facebook page can create Facebook ads. However, as a Facebook advertising agency, we have experience, know-hows and are constantly learning of any updates or changes that happen on the platform. Working with us will save you the time, money and frustration.

“I don’t have a big budget like our competitors have. Why bother?”

You don’t have to have a big budget to experience success through Facebook ads. Facebook considers multiple factors when delivering ads to your prospective customers. We’ve had clients experience great success in spite of a smaller budget.

“We’ve tried Facebook ads before but there were no conversions.”

“Conversion is not the only metric of ad success!” is what our Facebook ad specialists will say. Running ads may not always result in conversions, but it provides useful data that, if deciphered properly, be used to your company’s advantage. It tells you what you are doing correctly and what needs improvement; not only in the ad copy, but in your business!

“Facebook ads are only for product-based companies.”
This is not true! This may appear to be the truth only because service-based companies themselves believe this misconception and therefore, don’t advertise. This can only mean good news for you if you’re a service-based company. It means you don’t face as much competition as product-based companies do!