LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Calgary

LinkedIn is the only professional social network in the world with more than 560 million users, the majority of whom can drive business decisions. LinkedIn advertising is one of the most popular choices by B2B marketers because of its targeting capabilities. Whether your goal is to drive leads, spark engagement, raise awareness, or increase traffic to your website, we are your go-to LinkedIn advertising agency in Calgary! With our LinkedIn advertising service, you can expect the following:

Highly targeted ads
Knowledge of marketing techniques
Quality ad copies

A Guide Through Our LinkedIn Advertising Service in Calgary

We’ve helped several companies realize the potential of LinkedIn advertising to grow their customer base and retain existing ones. In order to do so, our LinkedIn experts will guide you through the following steps in order to achieve this:

We will talk with your team to understand your business better. Along with our research, we’ll create a strategy that works in favour of the market and your brand.
There are many considerations to make when creating the LinkedIn ads. It is our job to make those decisions for you. Once the drafts are created, we will ask for your confirmation to make sure it’s exactly as you envisioned.
We provide a monthly report to show how your LinkedIn ads are performing. One of our LinkedIn specialists can walk you through the report to explain the contents of the report.
With new data from previous ads provides opportunities for optimization in the subsequent ones. We continuously optimize the ads for better results.

What You Can Expect from Our LinkedIn Ad Services?

Highly Targeted Ads : Using LinkedIn ad features to create highly targeted is a must! We make sure your ads are only shown to relevant people, optimizing use of your advertising budget.

Ongoing strategy and development : Settling for good is not in our DNA. We want great! So we believe in optimization, whether it’s through a new strategy or technique.

A/B Testing : If applicable, we like to conduct A/B testing. This is to better understand your target audience about their likes and dislikes. Customer data is essential to understanding how to turn your prospects to customers.

Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn Advertising

“LinkedIn advertising is only for B2B companies.”

It may appear that this is the case, but several B2C companies have seen success in using LinkedIn advertising. B2C marketers have found smart ways to advertise through the platform; primarily raising brand awareness through useful content that LinkedIn professionals engage with. Advertising efforts on LinkedIn may not convert directly, but it could build reputation and raise brand awareness.

“There are more popular advertising platforms online than LinkedIn. I should just advertise there.”

This is exactly why you should advertise on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not as saturated as other platforms, giving your business more space and visibility.

“CPC for LinkedIn ads are too high. I don’t think my budget can support it.”

It is true that the CPC in LinkedIn is usually higher than other platforms, but considering the quality of each click, it’s worth it! We’ve had smaller budgets to work with with our existing clients and they still saw results. It’s not always about the amount of your budget, it’s in the quality of the ad too.