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SEO Google Helpful Content Algorithm Update 2023

Helpful Content Update – Google Algorithm Changes, September 2023
Helpful Content Update – Google Algorithm Changes, September 2023

The Helpful Content Update in September 2023, introduced by Google, marked a significant shift in content evaluation. Businesses will further benefit from the AI-generated content once it gains recognition after implementation. The Helpful Content Update is expected to fully roll out by the end of the month.

Before this update, Google’s guidelines explicitly emphasized human-created content as the benchmark for quality. However, this restriction has since been lifted. Google has realized that contending with AI-generated content is an uphill battle. This has prompted a shift towards prioritizing content quality irrespective of its source.


  • Google relaxed its AI-generated content recommendations 
  • The Helpful Content System is more robust and will regulate third-party content found on subdomains or the primary domain.
  • Recent alerts regarding fraudulent attempts to manipulate page updates and fabricate a sense of freshness.
  • Improved guidance for evaluating the usefulness of the Helpful Content Update
  • Gary Illyes from Google provides valuable insights into how the Helpful Content System gauges sitewide signals

What is Google’s Helpful Content System?

Google’s primary objective has always been to provide its users with the most relevant information. With over 8.5 billion searches processed daily, users continue to utilize Google because it consistently provides what they need.

However, achieving this becomes more challenging when individuals attempt to manipulate the system through SEO tricks and expedients. Such practices yield content that may appear impressive but lack genuine value for the user.

To address this issue, Google is launching the Helpful Content System. The algorithm is smooth but sharpens on quality to separate helpful vs. unhelpful content.

The Helpful Content System will work in conjunction with Google’s other algorithms to ensure the provision of exceptional results.

How the Helpful Content Update Will Work?

Google enhances Content System documentation, focuses on quality signals for helpful content, and shares guidance in three areas:

  • Relaxing regulations regarding machine-generated content.
  • Hosting third-party content on subdomains or the primary domain.
  • Provide advice on how to react if the traffic to your website declines as a result of the upgrade.

Enhanced Self-Assessment Guidance from Google for More Effective Content

Adhering to Google’s guidelines for Helpful Content necessitates publishers to grasp and conform to Google’s specific criteria for what constitutes helpfulness. In this latest update, Google further elaborates on its overarching advice to assist publishers in evaluating whether their content is genuinely beneficial to users or not.

Here are a few key changes based on the recent update:
  • Ideally, content should be written or evaluated by a knowledgeable individual or an expert on the subject matter.
  • Do not manipulate page dates to give the impression of updated content when there haven’t been significant changes made to the actual content.
  • Avoids extensive content additions or significant removals of existing content in an attempt to create the illusion of a refreshed website.

Two of the three modifications emphasize the importance of addressing the issue of feigned freshness, a matter that publishers should treat with the utmost seriousness.

Our SEO Services are designed to make sure you hit these notes of excellence.

In the LinkedIn post, Gary Illyes of Google Talks About the Valuable Content Update in September 2023.

Gary Illyes shared insights regarding the significance of what he referred to as micro-sites. He elaborated on how numerous individuals had flagged these sites, expressing concerns about their ranking validity.

If the Helpful Content Update Has Adverse Effects on Your Website

If you’re already creating valuable content, these adjustments probably won’t impact your website negatively. In fact, they could benefit you by holding accountable those who may be surpassing in performance but not meeting Google’s standards for helpfulness.

However, certain websites that are (whether deliberately or inadvertently) generating uninformative content might be in for a wake-up call.

  • Take advantage of this chance to grow and enhance your skills.
  • Evaluate Google’s self-assessment of valuable content.
  • Eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute positively and allocate resources towards crafting fresh, improved content.

Consulting with a specialist can provide valuable assistance. A decline in rankings is not necessarily a lasting situation.

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