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Is your company lacking in Google Maps visibility? Or is it not included in the first top three business listings in search results on Google, or in other words, the local 3-pack? Our Google Maps marketing and local SEO services can help in maximizing your company’s search exposure.

ThinkTech helps businesses in taking advantage of vast marketing opportunities by utilizing Google Maps marketing. We take an integrated approach to local SEO that includes Google My Business (GMB) optimization, on-site optimization, review generation, and other tactics that will enhance your Google Maps search results. Google Maps marketing provides a multi-faceted approach for all types of businesses, from ranked Google Maps results to local 3-pack listings.

Our Google Maps Marketing and optimization services are tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements. We offer a full range of optimization services to help you rank higher in both the local 3-pack and Google Maps results. Moreover, we can also assist in the exploration of untapped possibilities in Google Maps Marketing.

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What is Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO is a method for businesses to rank higher in search results and is beneficial for both large and small businesses. Under the Google My Business page, including relevant information such as hours of operation and having great customer reviews improves how customers perceive your business and increases the likelihood of them interacting with you. It is also with having good visibility on Google, such as showing on Google Maps local 3-pack, that your business can better capture customers. The first three businesses listed on search results that Google considers to be the most relevant depending on a user’s current location or the location where they’re searching for is known as the local 3-pack.

The image below is an example of a local 3-pack for a restaurant query in Calgary, Alberta. These three businesses are what Google considers to be most relevant based on the search query and the location where the search is being conducted.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that helps business owners manage and optimize their Google Maps profiles. A Google My Business profile normally includes your company’s name, address, and hours of operation. An example of a typical Google My Business profile from one of the top restaurants is shown below.

google maps SEO

It is important for searchers in your area to be able to locate you online if you run a locally-based business. After all, how are people meant to do business with you if they don’t even know the basic information about business? 

With Google My Business, you can get the attention of potential customers. Our team will provide you with the necessary tactics and strategies to improve your business’s local relevance, online rankings, visibility, and exposure. We also keep up with the latest trends and features in order to provide an early advantage to our clients. This allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors, while also helping your business grow. 

You can communicate to your local audience and deliver the most relevant solutions by customizing and personalizing your web information to the local areas you serve. If you are not familiar with Google My Business and Google Maps marketing, using our services can provide you with options you have never seen before!

Benefits of Google Maps Marketing Services?

Rank in the Google local 3-pack

The first three businesses listed on search results that Google considers to be the most relevant depending on a user’s current location or the location where they’re searching for is known as the local 3-pack. You may boost your visibility and attract more customers by appearing in this pack.

Allows people to quickly contact your business

When customers look at your business listing on Google Maps, the platform displays a comprehensive index of your business, including your phone number. Since the majority of Google Maps searches are conducted by phone, people will be able to call your business with just one tap.

Helps in increasing potential leads, sales, and traffic

When your information displays more frequently, more people will find out about your company’s services or products. The more people are aware of your business, the more likely you are to get potential leads, sales, and traffic.

Offers customer credibility through reviews

Nothing builds brand trust more than validation and confirmation from others. The most effective method to do this is through online reviews, which Google Maps shows in the profile listing. Customer credibility includes star ratings, images taken by customers, and written reviews.

Helps in ranking higher

You are offering additional information to Google by having a GMB listing. This gives search engines more context and information which can help in ranking your business.

What services do we offer in Google Maps Marketing SEO?

Our Google maps marketing services include various features which will optimize and increase your GMB listing. These features will help your business increase visibility and relevance among the local searchers. Our Google maps SEO experts will devise the most effective SEO strategies for your business, thereby allowing you to concentrate and focus on other aspects of your business. The following features are included in our GMB optimization services:

Up-to-date information and regular updates

Our team ensures that the information provided on GMB listing is accurate and all information is updated regularly for potential customers to access. It is essential that accurate information about your business is provided to customers to enhance their experience with your business.

Visibility and relevancy of your GMB listing

Our experts will take care of your GMB page to update the latest information about your business. Moreover, we will diligently examine all the information on your GMB page such as contact details, hours of operation, business category and other relevant information to ensure that customers receive accurate and updated information about your business.

Managing Google reviews

Nothing builds brand trust more than validation and confirmation from others. Positive reviews are key to optimizing your business. Our team will assist you in managing your reviews by obtaining more 4 and 5 star ratings. This is a way to ensure that your business gets noticed and you acquire more customers.

Thinktech has a great deal of experience with Google My Business listings, providing Google Maps Marketing services that are personalized to local small businesses. We examine all aspects of your business to better understand your unique offerings and apply this knowledge to your Google My Business listing. By posting consistently, creating optimization strategies and applying data-driven solutions, you can trust that we will bring you the best results possible!