Law Firm SEO Services in Calgary & Edmonton

As we compare the law industry to other ones, results show that a major portion of legal workers or organizations doesn’t even have a website, and those which do, haven’t updated their services over the last few years. So talking in digital terms, there is a great opportunity for law firms to get noticed in the market and create a strong online presence. Hiring a Law firm SEO services company like ThinkTech can help you achieve these goals swiftly.

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Why Choose ThinkTech as your Law Firm SEO Agency?

Law Firm SEO Services
  • Detailed Reporting
We believe in transparency with our clients. You will always be aware of what we are doing. ThinkTech offers detailed monthly/weekly reports to show you the progress happening in your project(s). You can also request any other reporting methods if they satisfy your business needs.
  • Polished Team of Law Firm SEO experts
We have been thriving in the SEO industry for quite a long now. We have been serving 200+ clients in Canada and across the globe. We have ample experience working with lawyers and law firms so we can rank up your reputation and help your services grow with our Law Firm SEO strategies.
  • Affordable Law Firm SEO Packages
ThinkTech offers law firm SEO packages that are highly competitive in the market. You won’t have to barge into your bank account to improve the search visibility of your law firm. Our packages will be affordable, result-oriented, cost-effective, and will also fulfill your long-term goals.

Law Firm SEO Services

Keyword Research

Reaching the right audience at the right time with well-crafted keywords should be a priority in your SEO campaigns. Keyword research provides you information on what keywords your prospective clients are using to find legal services like yours. With the right keywords, our law firm SEO services will advertise you in front of people who are a perfect match for your firm.

Local SEO

You’ll want to establish a local image to boost up your business. So targeting a particular location can be beneficial to your services. We can optimize your listing in Google My Business where your business will be reflected in target locations in the searches. We can also lend a hand in listing your business across various local directories to make sure you don’t lose a single lead.

Link Building

Referrals can be a key to success sometimes. A crucial but often overlooked aspect of good SEO, link building requires your website to get backlinks from other reputable websites. Backlinks are a remarkable factor affecting search engine rankings (SERPs), making them a vibrant part of our law firm SEO services.