Each phase of your migration journey comes with a plan. Migration will be handled by ThinkTech’s migration experts, who will work closely with your team or partners throughout the process. 

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Our Salesforce to HubSpot migration services include following:



Project Execution

Employee Training


Choosing the best CRM platform that fits your business needs is critical to you. HubSpot and Marketo are leading CRM platforms where both are sales-oriented platforms and come with vigorous solutions that help you fulfill your business goals. Marketo is a popular software for B2B marketers. It provides comprehensive marketing automation and analytics across the customer lifecycle. The factor which decides between the two is an easy-to-use option, faster processing, faster adoption by clients, etc. 

So the major points to consider choosing between these two CRM platforms are:

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More Focused Than Marketo

Marketo is a CRM platform that has a lot of features. It has integrations with Gmail and Salesforce, but they lack in certain points which Hubspot surely covers. HubSpot is majorly focused on inbound marketing and sales. It’s often used by companies with a B2B product or service, and also, it has deep integrations with Gmail, Salesforce, and Google Apps.

More features than Marketo

HubSpot CRM’s core features include lead scoring, nurture programs, and integrations with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. It also offers sales marketing, service marketing, content management, sales engagement tool, CPQ tools, conversation tools, and sales analytics tools in addition to all features provided by Marketo.

Fewer Resources and Human Effort

Marketo has different applications or tools for every product being traded. It requires more human effort when compared to Hubspot. Whereas HubSpot is an all-in-one application that allows you to use all the features in one place, requiring no extra staffing. It can best serve small-medium businesses perfectly. It integrates with many other tools and can be used to create landing pages, blog posts, lead nurturing campaigns, etc. with the special feature to automate all these services.

Faster to Use and Adopt

Hubspot is used by more than 3,40,000 clients around the globe. Marketo can give you hard time differentiating between your types of contacts, meaning the experience and the connections can differ depending on the products you are using. In contrast, HubSpot was developed on a one-code base, making it easier and faster for your team to understand and adapt.


HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that integrates with your marketing and sales workflows. It majorly acts as a sales and marketing software that helps to automate your sales process as well as track and report marketing activities to let you know the exact live insights. It also lets you know who your prospects and customers are and how they behave so you can take better action in the future. It brings together sales and marketing departments to manage all your activities under one application. Hubspot helps you better understand your customers, and in turn, create more of what they want. It is the perfect tool for managing your contacts and leads, email campaigns, landing pages, social media marketing campaigns, and more.

ThinkTech is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner located in Calgary and Edmonton and has been serving its clients globally across major cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Denver and others. ThinkTech has a team of qualified and certified HubSpot professionals in Calgary and Edmonton who can Implement, Optimize, Integrate and Migrate to HubSpot using best practices for B2B and B2C Industries. ThinkTech has already helped 200+ clients globally.


Each step of your migration journey comes with a well-crafted proposal. Complete Migration will be handled by ThinkTech’s migration experts, who will work hand-in-hand with your team walking you to the end of the process. 

ThinkTech is really glad to be a certified partner to HubSpot. ThinkTech has qualified and certified professionals specially trained with HubSpot’s core processes and updates. ThinkTech has already helped 200+ clients globally and still counting.

The complete migration process at ThinkTech will look something like this:


  • Initially, differentiate which data like leads, accounts, contacts should be migrated to HubSpot
  • Create a new set of properties in HubSpot
  • Use Hubspot’s native Salesforce integration to automate the migration


  • Re-assess your existing processes and create advanced strategies in HubSpot
  • HubSpot has 500+ pre-defined connectors, which helps businesses connect their analytical business applications easily
  • It offers an extensive API library if the business doesn’t have the integration it requires


  • Document the automation and take care of your follow-ups with ease
  • Adjust your same processes in your new HubSpot environment
  • Re-structure automation in HubSpot’s workflow tool


  • Check out all the detailed reports in the current tool
  • Determine what reports you need in the future according to your business needs
  • Select and improve custom reports that meet your needs, or you can build these fresh reports if needed



No Data-Loss Guarantee

ThinkTech ensures that not even a byte of your valuable data is lost. We completely understand that even small-sized data can also be critical for your business.


On-Time Delivery

Our migration experts are highly dedicated to completing the migration projects on time. You will never have to wait beyond our given completion dates.


Partnership with a Zeal

Any migration project requires a partnership between our team and yours. Communication is the key to efficient results and we will consider your work like ours and give 100% to achieve greater goals.


ThinkTech will help you grow your business. Our Standard plan offers additional features like 24/7 Product Support, HubSpot Training, Customized Roadmap and Growth Plan, Annual Health Checkup and Strategy, and Customer Success Manager. In addition, the premium plan has supplementary features like Ongoing Campaign Strategy and Optimization, Ongoing Technical Strategy, Architecture, and Integration Support.