Oncology SEO Services in Calgary & Edmonton

Help beat cancer and make the world a healthy and better place to live with ThinkTech’s Oncology SEO services.

Everything being online these days has led all medical practitioners to mark their online presence in the market. For an established oncologist, you need to have a strong patient base and solid web presence to grow your services. We at ThinkTech can make you fulfill all of these ambitions and generate effective results.

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Is SEO important for Oncologists?

Cancer is the second most common way to die in the North American region. People are living longer, but our environment, diet, and health factors have made contracting cancer more pervasive in our society. But medical sciences have been improving with each passing day and we are able to cure cancer to a certain extent.

The search term “oncologists” receives up to 1.7 thousand searches per month on Google. Without Internet marketing, your practice won’t reach any of those thousands of users which are in need. To boost up your online presence, you’ve got to hire SEO services for oncologists in order to reach cancer patients effectively.

Key benefits of Oncology SEO Services

Maximize Online Visibility

Every cancer treatment requires special care, so particular patients are looking for an oncologist that meets their specific needs. Our team of experts can help you to create a comprehensive, results-driven oncology SEO strategy. Via extensive branding, localized search practices, and social media marketing, we connect you with patients to give them the care they need to fight cancer.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services are the most effective and successful ways to gain more clicks on your websites either on desktop or a laptop. You can also use PPC ads on several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can help you create effective campaigns and scrap those which are not generating any revenue.

Generate More Genuine Reviews

Review management is the key to success these days. Gaining more positive reviews and adequately responding to negative reviews can be critical and useful to your services. We can help you be a highly rated oncologist by hiring our elite Oncology SEO Services and strategies.

Website Development/Update/Maintenance

With a great responsive website, you can attract more patients to your business. We can help you create one that allows you to reach your potential customers and record their responses and inquiries. We make sure to update your contact details accurately on the website so that you don’t miss out on even a single lead.