Real Estate SEO Services in Calgary & Edmonton

In the past few years, the real estate industry has become one of the most competitive industries for gaining online leads. Most real estate investors have realized that in order to have an edge over their competitors, they must have a very strong online presence. If you are a realtor and you are thinking about enhancing your online marketing, ThinkTech can help you with real-estate-specific strategies and methods to gain SERP’s top rankings and acquire a trusted customer base.

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Why Real Estate SEO Services?

Researches show that more than 80% of people search on google to buy/sell property in the real estate industry. Google provides results based on SEO, and websites with better performance and optimization will have a chance to be on the first page because nobody gets past the first page of Google to search for a business.

ThinkTech can help you develop and implement a suitable real estate SEO services strategy that is based on your needs. Choose our high-featured real estate agent SEO services to boost your local lead generation numbers. Whether you are a real estate agent or an investor, our SEO services cover all types of businesses.

Real Estate SEO Agency Calgary

Real Estate SEO Services we provide:

Local factors affect a lot in the Real Estate business. People look for nearby options more rather than going far off and see properties. We can grade up the local image of your business in the market. We can help you list your business onto local directories which will boost your local reputation and help you grow.

Keyword Research

Selecting the relevant keywords in any industry is a key factor in the SEO process. We can help you discover those keywords which exactly match your service or the product. Because targeting a local audience with relevant keywords can be beneficial in terms of business growth. We can also help you use keywords to target a specific location and get more leads out of that location.
Websites can be the face of your business and services. Designing an interactive website can step up your business and increase the number of leads. We can help you develop, optimize, promote, and maintain a website that is comfortable for the customer to use and he/she can interact with you at the same time. This can increase your services to a greater extent.