The world is going digital and along with it, the needs of the people also seem to be changing. Change in here refers to the expectations that people have when they try out the websites of a particular company, whose services and products that they plan on taking up in the future. This is where the web and the mobile applications development agencies steps in. Compared to the previous years, the number of mobile devices has gone up and along with this; the number of websites being converted into mobile applications has also grown exponentially.
A well known development and marketing agency in Calgary, ThinkTech has been helping out companies in mobile and web custom design and development. Our team at ThinkTech has been catering to the needs of the clients with strong support from Ruby on Rails.

Why Ruby on Rails?

There are two major reasons, as to why Ruby has a strong upper hand than the other programming languages that are currently in use.

  • Ruby on Rails is a flexible language and thus, the user has the ability to alter parts of the program if there is a need.
  • Ruby does not impose any restriction on the coder, thereby increasing the language’s effectiveness.

Ruby on Rails is not your ordinary coding language, but rather it is a web development framework that has been built on the programming language named Ruby. Some of the major advantages of the Ruby on Rails as a web development framework includes,

Unlike other development frameworks, Ruby comes with a set of conventions and does not require any form of configuration before you start to use the framework for your process.
You will not encounter any duplicity in the code and thus, this enhances the framework’s efficiency and also prevents the occurrence of errors.
As the server and the language are integrated, you will be able to view the modifications in the code in real time. There is no need for code-debug cycle in this case.
The development framework provides immediate quality assurance checks for the web development needs and this helps in effective maintenance of the developed application.

Ruby on Rails team in Calgary

ThinkTech is equipped with certified professionals when it comes to Ruby on Rails development. Our ROR development team is experienced in this field and some of their works include,

  • ROR helps the team to solve the complex web problems at a fast rate and is currently an excellent framework that we have with us at ThinkTech.
  • With the help of ROR, the team at ThinkTech has been able to design and develop provisions for blogs, comments, geo-location, video encoding, and Amazon cloud integration.

The list of services from ThinkTech in terms of ROR development does not stop here. The easy use and the effectiveness of the development framework has been helping us to serve the clients in the best way possible.