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Shopify ecommerce development company Calgary

There is an increasing demand for online shopping that it is hard for businesses to overlook this reality. We’re experienced Shopify development company with deep experience in design, branding, and digital marketing. And we’re veteran eCommerce entrepreneurs ourselves—so we see a business opportunity, not just pixels and code. We offer Shopify development services in Calgary, Edmonton and all over Canada building beautiful e-commerce solutions that engage, persuade and convert.

Shopify is the most recommended e-commerce platform, when you seek to have control on the entire e-commerce website and online store. This platform comes with a built-in app marketplace that can be easily integrated with any CRM automation software like HubSpot. Such integrations can help you fill-in any voids or gaps in your sales and marketing such as understanding the buyer persona, predicting traffic, building roadmaps for better marketing of products to similar customers. Our Shopify web developers ensure the following when building Shopify e-commerce websites:

Some of the notable features in Shopify:

Content management that includes blogging
Acceptance of direct payments
SSL certificate
Taxes and shipping rates are automatically calculated
Abandoned checkout recovery
Theme friendly product reviews
Multi-language support
Customer account, identity, contact details and order history are password protected
Event triggered email notifications
Social media integration
Unlimited products, bandwidth and online storage
Built-in SEO and auto-generated tags
Inventory management with advanced apps like stocky
Third-party domain can be easily connected
Analytics dashboard displaying key data like sales, orders and visitors
Manage your products, orders and respond to inquiries from anywhere with mobile management
24/7 customer support
SEO-friendly so that it ranks on SERPs
Responsive design accessible through various devices
Apps and integration to boost website functionality
Customized solutions that convert

A Guide Through Our Shopify Development Service Levels

We engage clients at four different levels, depending on needs and budget. At every level, the end goal is the same: deliver the most powerful and persuasive Shopify website for the money.

Setup and Customization

Perfect for early stage projects. You get professional set up on a great theme, beautifully tuned to reflect your brand. Plus a pool of hours you can use to make additional customization to layout and functionality basd on your requirements. And of course our experienced advice comes with every job.

What We Do

Shopify Ecommerce Development Company Calgary

What You Can Expect from Our Shopify E-commerce Development Company?

Partnership : Any Shopify eCommerce development project that we work on requires partnership between our team and yours. We want your eCommerce site to be a true reflection of your brand, while we provide recommendations that best play to your advantage based on our research and expertise.

Solution-Oriented : We don’t just build a beautiful website, we make sure that it serves you and your customers.

Delivered on time : Our Shopify web developers make sure to deliver the project on time. We are just as excited as you are to see your business grow!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Shopify Development Services

“Custom built Shopify eCommerce sites are too expensive.”

We consider all types of budgets when creating a Shopify eCommerce site. Coupled with our other services, we even consider bundling our pricing so that you get the most out of your money. Also, consider the high ROI you’re likely to experience once we do launch your website!

“Shopify eCommerce isn’t a solution for B2B.”

On the contrary, Shopify also works for B2B companies. Even though Shopify may seem to cater only to B2C, it also has tools and features that cater to B2B companies. We’ll help you find the right solutions for your business and eCommerce customers!

“I doubt Shopify websites are customizable.”

Shopify eCommerce platform are, in fact, customizable. With the right features and knowledge of JavaScript and CSS (that’s where our Shopify web developers come in), you can adapt the platform to suit your business needs and customer preferences.