Social Media Marketing Services Agency

Over the years, social media has gained a lot of popularity and is only continuing to rise. Social Media Marketing platforms are always evolving. In 2019 alone, an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide! No wonder social media advertising services are a widely used option by marketers in Calgary, Edmonton, and around the globe. You cannot have your effective marketing strategies without considering Social Media Ads. In-fact social media advertising is much more cost-effective and measurable compared to traditional advertising.

With social media marketing, you can streamline and personalize your campaigns to match your target audience in terms of their demographics (like in Calgary or Edmonton),  behavior, language, etc. However, the lack of proper social media advertising strategies often burns money faster than they can gain customers, frustrating marketers, and business owners alike. In working with us, we’ll help you stay on budget and help you execute tactics that work to put more money back into your pockets!.

Businesses opt for social media advertising for many reasons. Whether it’s for brand awareness, revenue generation, or increasing website traffic, social media advertising services can become expensive very quickly if you don’t know the ins and outs of social media advertising. With so many factors to consider such as demographics, targeting, and ad type, each decision plays a role in how well your budget is used and what kind of return you get. In working with us, we will help you implement a strategy that minimizes your ad costs while maximizing your potential for increased revenue and conversions. We have the knowledge to advertise on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

At ThinkTech, our experienced Social Media Marketing Services (SMM) team helps you to achieve the most thorough social media advertising with their tactics and strategies. Our primary objective is not just to bring more business through your sales funnel, but also to grow and maintain a positive reputation for your brand with our online reputation management services. Through our social media ads and or campaigning services, we can ensure increased website traffic resulting in more sales and revenue, brand promotion, community growth in terms of your fan or customer base, and ultimately, an edge over your competitors especially in Calgary, Edmonton and all over Canada.

A Guide Through Our Social Media Advertising Services

A great social media advertising strategy is composed of many steps. Here are our steps when you partner with us:

The first step is understanding more about your business, goals and target audience. In doing so, we will be able to use our findings to create a social media advertising strategy, while keeping your budget in mind.

What You Can Expect from Our Social Media Advertising Services?

Optimized campaigns : With proper tactics such as keyword research, targeting and A/B testing in place, campaigns are optimized for the given monthly budget.

Fast reach : Social media advertising is the fastest way to reach your target audience, raise brand awareness and increase website traffic.

Meaningful reports : We’ll provide you monthly reports about your ad campaigns and help you make sense of all the jargon and numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Social Media Advertising

“My target audience doesn’t use social media.”

Most people with access to technology and the internet are on social media and many of them, whatever age, use it to make purchasing decisions. You just have to advertise on the right platform and at the right time. For example, according to this report, the use of YouTube is growing among Canadians who are over 50 years old.

“We’ve tried advertising on social media before, but it didn’t lead to leads or online purchases.”

We hear this way too often but we always prod a little further with questions. Did you have a proper social media advertising strategy before advertising? In other words, did you define your goals and tactics such as geographical or demographic targeting? Or did your ads redirect to landing pages on your website, built for fast and easy conversions? Rarely do we hear ‘yes’ to these questions, but we always help them to change that.

“Our marketing team can advertise for us.”

Unless you have a team that is dedicated to only running and managing online ads, we recommend that you work with an agency like us instead. Social media strategies and trends change frequently and we are an agency that stays on top of the changes. Our experience also speaks to how efficient and effective we can produce advertising campaigns.

“We don’t sell online therefore we don’t need to advertise.”

Part of selling anything is getting found in the first place. If you want your brand to be found online and quickly, social media advertising is the way to go! You can also use it to gather data from your target audience and tailor all future content accordingly.