Website Development Services Company in Calgary

website development company Calgary

In today’s world, most people search the internet for anything and everything. With that said, having a website (and a good one at that) is a vital component of your business. Building a solid and professional presence online helps you get found by your target audience and creates loyal customers.

As a website development service company based in Calgary, we create a website that suits your customers’ needs. Our team of  WordPress site developers brings years of experience to the table to create great websites. We showcase our technical expertise on the back-end and psychological know-how on the front end. We make sure your website functions beautifully inside and out!

Our websites are:

Impressive: Our web developers create WordPress websites that offer a great user experience and create lasting positive impressions for your customers.

Unique: With unique designs and concepts, we make your website stand out from your competitors.

Responsive: The websites we design are highly compatible and offer the best user experience, regardless of the visitor’s device.

Effective: Our websites serve their purpose well. With dynamic content and user-friendly navigation, they help generate more leads.

A Guide Through Our Web Development Services

Here are the steps we follow in developing your website:

As your website developer, we want to understand your business better. The details of your business goals, target audience, and competitors help us build a website that suits your needs. As part of our onboarding processes, our Customer Success Manager communicates with you or your team to understand your expectations. We learn about your brand, products or services, business requirements, target audience, and competitors through our marketing questionnaire. The input you provide helps us to design the website to expectations.

What You Can Expect from a Website Development Service Company Like Us?

Conversion-focused Website: We don’t just build good-looking websites–we also make sure it works hard to bring business in for you. With the right features, such as call-to-action buttons and forms, we aim for a website to convert visitors into customers.
Responsive Design: There are many gadgets out there these days, and we make sure your website shows up properly on each distinct screen size. Don’t worry–we only create responsive sites.
Integrations With Other Platforms: Do you have a CRM system or social media ads that you want to integrate with your website? We don’t believe in stand-alone websites. We build websites that include all processes involved in your marketing and sales funnels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Website Development Services

“Buying a template should be a suitable alternative to a custom-designed website.”

Website templates may be easier and cheaper to launch, but website templates do not consider the uniqueness of your business. The lack of customization won’t generate new business opportunities. Custom-designed websites have their advantages: integrated with your CRM system, optimized for performance, and designed to increase lead generation.

“I know my business best, so my website should reflect that. Our website will be better done in-house.”

Yes, we agree that your website should reflect your brand, but it should also speak to your visitors. Working with us as your partner, we keep your brand intact while ensuring it attracts valuable visitors, converting them into customers. Out-sourcing also helps as we do our market research and have years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

“Custom-designed websites are expensive.”

Some freelancers build functioning websites for $500 or less, but the quality doesn’t compare to a custom-designed website. Lower-priced web development services typically do not consider the complexities and features necessary to build a website that generates leads. Look at website development as an investment. Its quality directly correlates with your return on investment: the higher the quality, the more considerable promise of a return.

“We have an existing website. We don’t need to update it.”

Customer preferences and shopping habits constantly change, and so should your website. There are technological advances and updates to consider as automation is changing the business landscape. Your website should reflect what your business represents: modernity, innovation, and being exceptional.