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Remember the first time you bought your new car and wanted to keep it as shiny and running for as long as possible? For this, you needed regular maintenance (internal) and car washes (external). Similarly, for businesses to run smoothly and attract more customers and sales, websites need regular check-ups and maintenance. For most companies, their website is the most valuable online asset, and yet, very few maintain it. Your website is more susceptible to security breaches, broken links, or faulty forms without monthly website maintenance services. It may be the missing piece from fully converting your target audience into customers.

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Website maintenance is an often overlooked component of having a website. Small businesses ignore this by cutting corners in their budget. But they fail to understand that all the inquiries and social media ads land on their website. If the website is not updated and secured, it could threaten your business and customers. We recommend securing your company from online threats, update plug-ins, and fix any hosting-related issues. Without monthly website maintenance services, business continuity can be interrupted, from a 404 error to losing your website entirely.

Our Website Maintenance Services Guide

How do you catch the attention of your potential customers? The answer is to connect with them at the right place at the right time.

To keep your website running smoothly, maintenance services must be done regularly, weekly, monthly, or annually. Website maintenance is an inevitable part of your monthly budget and, if ignored, could lead to setbacks in business growth and potential risks to website visitors.

Our website maintenance team in Calgary and Edmonton stays current with the most recent updates in website technology and tools to keep your website in good shape.

Today, that place is the internet.

We follow these steps to make sure your website is running smoothly:

 Access to Credentials: We need access to your website and hosting to take care of it.
 Ongoing Support & Website Maintenance: Our website maintenance service is all the support you’ll ever need to keep your website up and running. We pride ourselves on not charging you for every content update on existing website pages in Calgary. That’s right, unlimited content updates!

What You Can Expect from Our Ecommerce Website Maintenance Company?

Here’s what is covered in our Monthly Website Maintenance Plan in Calgary & Edmonton:

Common Misconceptions About Website Maintenance Services

No website will ever be complete. It is always a work in progress. Just as apps on your phone have updates, so does your website (software, plugins, and themes). One of many reasons to maintain your company website is to guard it against threats, viruses, and hackers.
Most hosting providers indeed offer customer support, but you can’t count on their technical skills alone to truly provide solutions fit for your company website. They don’t know you on a personal or business level, so their solution is only as good as a few clicks. However, we try to understand the whole picture to provide the ultimate solution for you.
Unless you or someone in your team has the knowledge and experience, we highly recommend working with us. Website maintenance is a time-consuming process. Your time is better spent running and growing your business.
They might love it now, but when software and search engine updates come into play, your website might start to slow or break down. By maintaining your website, you minimize the possibility of your customers finding it in an undesirable state.
Most hosting service providers indeed offer customer support, but you can’t count on their technical skills alone to truly provide solutions that fit your company website. They don’t try to understand you on a personal and business level. Therefore, their solution is only as good as a few clicks here and there. However, when you work with website maintenance service providers like us with Calgary & Edmonton presence, we understand the whole picture to provide the ultimate solution.